Why Recall Ravitch?

Jill Ravitch


Jill Ravitch hired and promoted less-qualified staffers just because they supported her campaign. Worse yet, she retaliated against good workers who disagreed with her politically. (1) The District Attorney’s Office should do what’s best for the people of Sonoma County—not serve the political interests of the person in charge.

Things got so bad, a group of senior prosecutors in Ravitch’s office complained that Ravitch ignored their criticism and concerns—leading to a senior prosecutor feeling the situation was so bad they had to run against Ravitch to get her out of office. (3)

Ravitch promised to start with a clean slate after her election, but once in office, she targeted staff that opposed her—demoting top managers and replacing them with seriously flawed campaign supporters. (1)

Ravitch also promised increased transparency at the District Attorney’s office. Unfortunately, while in office, Ravitch has tried to keep officer body-cam recordings confidential from defense attorneys and the media. (4)

Ravitch also refused to comply with the California Public Records Act and disclose criminal conviction numbers, after she spent her campaign criticizing the conviction numbers of her predecessor. (5)

The public deserves access to information from their DA. Elected officials have a responsibility to act in a transparent way and set policies that allow the public to engage. Jill Ravitch has continuously tried to operate behind closed doors and out of the public eye.

Sources: 1 Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 1/3/2011; 2 Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8/11/2013; 3 Sonoma Index Tribune, 5/27/2014; 4 Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7/17/2016; 5 Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 5/13/2014


“[Ravitch] represented Sonoma against a 13 year old all the way to the US Supreme Court - Go add my name [to the Recall].”
-Eva L.

"Ravitch's failure to prosecute is unfathomable...educated, concerned, credible, professional citizens can inform her of something, and she refuses to act.”
-Laura A.

"My daughter died last year [after] she started hanging out with a drug dealer...When we found out, it was too late to help her… [If Ravitch] doesn’t care if people are dealing coke and drinking and driving, the police aren’t going to waste their time on it. I’m glad you are trying to get her out.”

"I am voting YES to recall Ravitch. I went to her office years ago with...problems regarding the Sonoma Co Sheriffs...She refused us help.”
- Olivia W.

"I am a victim of identity theft…[Ravitch’s office] told me that due to COVID-19 and lack of staffing in the DA's office, everything has slowed down and...that the perpetrator will probably not go to jail anyway... I felt as though my identity theft was not very important to the DA's office. Does anyone there care about justice!?”
-Linda H

“This district attorney squashed an attempt for us to file a CPS report regarding our grandson. She had a conversation with the police and CPS and told them not to investigate these concerns because our grandson would be leaving the area. So, we were left with giving our grandson over to his alleged abuser. I must assume that she was fine with this abuse happening to our grandson since he was leaving soon. I have to say that I do not understand how she could do such a thing.”
-Vance A.

"In my opinion Jill Ravitch has unfortunately proven herself to be unsuited to continue serving as District Attorney. While there are many people, such as myself, who seek to do good work in the local criminal justice system on behalf of victims and our community, Jill Ravitch’s failure of leadership is a constant impediment. Sonoma County would be well served by removing Jill Ravitch from her position as District Attorney."
-Laura Colgate

"Over many years as a Mandated Reporter, I have reported criminal acts to District Attorney Ravitch. Most of the reports are not taken seriously despite the compelling evidence that accompanies them. All of these problems have led me to the conclusion that this community would be better off if Ravitch was removed from office."
-Laura Ainsworth