After ten years of failed leadership, it’s time to Recall District Attorney Jill Ravitch

43,000 Sonoma County residents signed the petition to recall Jill Ravitch because of her failures as our District Attorney


GOAL: 43,000




Jill Ravitch

Demand Racial Equity and Civil Justice – DA Ravitch has a troubling record on racial justice:

  • Failing to produce accountability in law enforcement.
  • Wrongfully declining to prosecute the killing of an unarmed 13-year-old.
  • Dismissing calls for justice of a hate-crime victim.

True racial progress will only come with new leadership in the Sonoma County District Attorney’s office. Learn more.

Bring Justice to Victims of PG&E’s Wildfires – PG&E was responsible for billions of dollars in damage to Sonoma County families and businesses. Jill Ravitch neglected to do her duty and prosecute the criminal company responsible. Learn more.

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